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Freeport Athletics

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Freeport Athletics

Freeport High School • Freeport Middle School

Freeport Athletics

Freeport High School • Freeport Middle School

Team News.

Team News

11 months ago @ 1:39PM by Joel Hinshaw

WMC Race Change

Wednesday's race at Fryeburg is changing to Friday due to the incoming weather.

It will be a classic race and boys start at 3:30. Girls wil start shortly after, about 3:50. THe school bus will be at 12:30pm.

Saturday we are scheduled to go to Fryeburg to practice, but we may stay home (Pineland) since we wil have skied at Fryeburg Friday.

All this depends on how the snow is after tomorrow.

Do the Snow Dance!! :)

Team News

1 year ago @ 9:36PM by Joel Hinshaw

New Uniforms

The New Uniforms are in and look great. Please see me or Elysha this week if you did not get your uniform. We will have to order a couple more to make sure we have the right sizes for everyone.

Each skier is responsible for their uniform. At the end of the season you are responsible for returning the same number you were given.

PLEASE follow these care instructions to care for your uniform and they will last longer.

Machine wash cold


Do not use fabric softeners


Be ready to wear your new uniform Dec 28, the first race of the season in Fort Kent.

For anyone not attending the Holiday camp, the first race is Jan 2 at Pineland.

Looking forward to the first race when we can show off the new style and show everyone what you have accomplished with your training.


Team News

1 year ago @ 6:22PM

Freeport Nordic blog ending

The school is using a new communication platform for all sports. To make life easier for all athletes and parents the Nordic ski team will start to use the same website for communication between coaches and team.

Each parent and student need to sign up so you will receive email and/or text as we communicate changes and important information throughout the season.


I will not use the Freeport Nordic blog anymore, but will focus all communication through the school website, or text messages if there is a last minute change.

I can also add photos so please send me photos throughout the season to add to the Nordic page.


Click on the following link to sign-up if you have not already done that for another sport

Once you are on the site, click on Winter, then Nordic and finally COED Varsity


The full calendar is currently on the site. There are a couple Saturday’s that are still open and we will add practice locations as the season progresses.


Saturday practices in December will change from Pineland to a location with snow until Pineland is open. I hope to find a place closer this week so it doesn’t take the full day. We will let everyone know as soon as we make a decision.

Thanks to all skiers for a great day last Saturday. ??


Bring your running shoes and poles to run with this week. See you Tuesday.
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